Post 1 - The Canon G5X

I was feeling uninspired. As summer was coming to an end and photoshoots rapidly began to pick up, I put my personal photography on the back burner and began to focus on business related photography. It wasn’t until about a week into my freshman year of college when I realized that it was time to start taking more photos for myself. I wanted to continue to progress and grow in photography the way I did when I got my first DSLR. The excuse I kept making for myself not always having a camera on me is that my 5D’s were “too big”. I knew if I wanted to have a camera on me at all times, I would need to get something smaller. I looked into and considered a few different camera options before going with the Canon G5X. I chose the 20.2 megapixel point and shoot because of the form factor. It could easily live around my neck or in my hand on a wrist strap. The video capabilities on the camera will be good for vlogging and the flip out screen is reminiscent of the Canon T3I, my first camera.

My goal for this project is to shoot something interesting every week and blog about the specific photograph or series. For this week in specific, the photographs consist of me testing different conditions and scenarios. The photos this week are just sample images from the camera that I took to test things like dynamic range and low light auto focus. I’m excited to see how this project progesses and I hope to be uploading regular blogs more frequently.

Until next week – Evan