Blog Post 33 - Live Music Photography

As I continue to learn and grow in the world of photography, new and exciting opportunities present themselves. Over the past few weeks, I've begun to build a musical portfolio for my website. Photos include shows from bands like Turnover and the Oak Ridge Boys. I have learned a substantial amount of knowledge over these past few weeks that have been beneficial to my photography as a whole. I'm loving shooting photos of bands and performances and hope to continue.

On Monday, March 21st, a local band called "Magnolia." had a show at the Lizard Lounge in Downtown Lancaster. I know all the guys in the band and they asked if I would shoot the show. I graciously accepted and agreed to shoot before and during the show. I met up with the guys around 4:00 pm and after a quick bite to eat at Sheetz, we headed down into the city to unload gear and get ready for the performance. 

The Lizard Lounge is a bar and arcade located below the chameleon club in Lancaster, PA. The lighting is virtually nonexistent and the space is fairly small, so I knew I would have to be smart about the way I shot. I put my camera on a lower shutter speed and raised my ISO to around 16,000. I knew the image quality would not be great, but I was working with poor lighting, so I had to make do.

Magnolia was 2nd in a group of four bands that played. I shot their entire set and made sure not to get in anyone's way; obstructing their view or distracting from the performance. after about 30 minutes, the guys wrapped up their set. We played pool for a while and eventually headed home. 

Overall, I had a fun night. I got some good photos and was able to vlog the whole experience. feel free to check it out here.

Until next time! - Evan