Blog Post 25 - Colorful Explosions

The idea was pretty simple. I wanted to have a person throw a dustpan full of colored powder at a model and capture the moment where a colored powder hit their back and exploded behind them.

I started my day at a local coffee shop to work out the logistics for the shoot. I allotted a $50 budget for the photo-shoot to cover the cost of baking flour, shirts, and faux decor flowers. Originally, I thought it would be a cool idea to light the flowers on fire, but realized that baking flour is extremely flammable I reconsidered. Another important part of the shoot was having a crew of people to help. I drafted my friend Ian to help with the technical side of things such as setting up the shoot and throwing the flour, as well as the help of my friends Chris and Griffin to model for the photographs. I went to a few stores to pick up supplies, but couldn’t find any powder that I could add to flower to color it, so I decided I would have to add color in later.

Set up was one of the easier elements of the photo-shoot. I set up four flashes around a tarp, which was laid out to catch most of the flower that fell after hitting the subject. I would have the subject stand to the side of the tarp, then have another person stand to the opposite side of the subject to throw the baking flour at them. We set up for the photo around 7:30, and then waited for nightfall. 

The four of us were all kind of nervous for the first shot because we weren’t sure if it was going to work. Ian put a handful of baking flour in the dustpan, got my signal, wound up his arm, threw the flower towards Chris, and completely missed. It was hysterical. Learning from his mistakes, Ian figured out what he had to do. After a few attempts throwing to the side and back of Chris, Ian got a system down that worked every time. I checked the photos in camera and loved the results I was seeing. The group then decided to switch gears and have Griffin model. 

For Griffin, we wanted to lay her hair on a table and then have her bend over said table. After putting baking flour in her hair, she would stand up rather quickly and the flour would create a cool arc effect over top of her. This Idea worked almost every time and the results we got looked awesome. We tried a few more ideas and then wrapped up the shoot.  

Clean up was pretty gross because absolutely everything way covered in flour and it got everywhere. Alongside the flour going everywhere, it also clumped up where we threw it around the tarp and it's still there (as of three days post shooting). 

All things considered, I feel that this photo shoot was a success. Be sure to check out the vlog of this story

Until next week! - Evan