Blog Post 27 - Emily and Daniel's Wedding

On Sunday, September 11th, I was given the opportunity to shoot a wedding video for my friends Emily and Daniel. Not much of a filmmaker myself, I still agreed because I’ve worked on film sets and have a grasp on the concept.

Pulling onto the 40 acre property the wedding would be held on, I immediately knew the day was going to go well; it was just a feeling I had. The sky was filled with big, white, puffy clouds and the humidity from the past few days had finally broke. I tend to get hot when I shoot weddings, but the property had thick tree line throughout, producing nice shade and therefore areas to help stay cool.

Emily and Daniel were adamant on making sure that they didn’t see each other until the ceremony (which even included not texting each other which I thought was really cute).  This meant that we were to do the bridesmaids and groomsmen photos separately. The wedding photographers Emily and Daniel hired were a husband and wife team, so they were able to have one photographer with the groomsmen and on photographer with the bridesmaids.  Since I was there doing video by myself, I was only able to be in one spot at one time. I ended up divided the time equally, filming half of the groomsmen photo-shoot and half of the bridesmaids photo-shoot. I would was nervous in that I didn’t want to miss any special moments, but it ended up working out.

After the photos, I headed up to the clearing that the ceremony would be held, shooting decor before setting up my cameras to capture the ceremony. The ceremony was held in a large clearing in the center of a wooded area. The only access to the clearing was through small pathways leading back to the open property. At the start of the ceremony, Daniel and the groomsmen walked up the aisle and waited patiently for Emily to enter through the pathway.

Escorted by her father, Emily walked into the clearing and down the isle. This moment was very special because it was the first time Daniel saw Emily in her wedding dress. The look on both their faces told that they are both truly in love with each other.

After a beautiful ceremony and pictures of the wedding party, Daniel, Emily, the two photographers, and I all hopped into a golf car (made to hold two people) and rode into the woods to get shots of the couple. The four of them sat in the front and I volunteered to hang of that back, it was quite the adventure. I nearly fell off while riding down bumpy dirt path, but in the end it was worth the experience.

The five of us came to a clearing and set up for some shots. The light was just above the tree line creating warm, inviting light for the shots. The weather and the time of day made for a very relaxed and simple photo-shoot, resulting in excellent photographs and video. I was at the wedding to capture video, but couldn’t restrain myself from snapping a few photos of my own. After that, we headed up to the reception, which was filled with great food and lots of dancing.

Emily and Daniels wedding was a lot of fun. I super pleased with how the video images turned out. You can watch the video here (

Until next week! - Evan