Blog Post 22 - DIY Card Wallet

I would like to start this weeks blog by apologizing about missing last weeks post. I am Director of Photography on a new movie called "Jim's Lanes" by endScene productions and was able to post due to the crazy shooting schedule. Weekly blog posts will resume starting now. 

A camera takes memory cards. The memory card my camera uses is called a compact flash card. Having multiple cards is a good idea because they fill up with pictures rather quickly, and having more means you are able to shoot more photos. I store all my extra cards in a Ruggard brand card wallet. The card wallet is exactly what it sounds like. My specific case is made of rubber and plastic and holds four cards. I used it for a while, but after about six months, the binding keeping the two halves together broke apart, leaving me with two sides of a card wallet. Instead of buying another card holder, I wanted to see if I would be able to repurpose an Altoids tin and use it as a card wallet. 

Inside the original card wallet are four smaller card holders. These holders pop out. My idea was to secure the four holders in the Altoids tin. I liked this idea because it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The issue that I encountered was that the holders didn’t fit into the tin completely, but that was solved by cutting the edges with an X-Acto knife. Once cut, I glued them into the container so they wouldn’t move around.

Im pleased with the end result of this project. It was quick and simple to do and very practical in the long run, since I made it for free. Check out the full video here:

Until next week! - Evan