Blog Post 20 - My DIY Desk Lamp

This week I went online looking for a lamp (I know this is a weird way to start a blog but stick with me). I needed a lamp for the table in my studio. There’s a style of lamp that is very popular on Etsy called "Pipe table lamps". These lamps look great but cost so much more than what I’m willing to spend on a simple lamp. The specific one I was looking into cost $170, which is too much money for a lamp. I decided that instead of buying this pipe lamp, I was just going to build it. 

There are two primary aspects to building a pipe lamp; constructing the frame and wiring it. For my project, the frame would be built out of black steel pipe with a silver junction box for an outlet and light switch. Once the frame was completed I would then wire the lamp. I purchased all the necessary items from home depot for $40 (so far so good, I’m under budget and haven’t gotten electrocuted). I returned home and got to work, but immediately ran into problems (since the reoccurring theme of these blogs is "Evan runs into some sort of issue"). I assembled the whole frame and realized that it would be incredibly difficult to run the wire through it like I had hoped because the wire is not that flexible. What I ended up doing was attaching string to the end of the wires and pulling it through the frame. This took a decently long time considering how simple the task is. Once all the wiring was through, I connected the outlet and switch to a light bulb socket and three-prong plug. 

Before I screwed the base onto my table and finished the project, I had to test out the lamp to make sure it would work. This was little bit scary because so many things can go wrong. I didn’t want to get electrocuted or start a fire. Luckily the lamp turned on first try with no issues. I screwed the baseplate into the table and attached the lamp to it. The wiring ran throughout the lamp and in through a hole hidden by the baseplate. I tested the lamp one final time to make sure everything was in working order, then threw a tiny lampshade over the bulb

In my opinion the lamp looks really good. It has a fully functioning light switch and outlets, which are perfect for charging my phone or laptop as I work. It makes a great addition to the table!

Until next week! - Evan