Blog Post 18 - Preparing for a Photoshoot

As the temperatures are beginning to rise and the foliage are springing to life, us photographers know that photography season is ready to begin. I like to refer to spring as "Photography season" because that is when it’s finally a great time to go out and get photos. It’s very hard to get photos in the winter because those months are a sort of dead season. Since I personally specialize in senior portrait photography, this is not only the start of photography season, but its also the start of portrait season due to the abundance of beautiful scenery that pops during springtime. Since shoots will start to pick up, I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about how to prepare for a photoshoot as a client. Preparation is imperative to a good photoshoot because it helps with any potential issues that could arise during a shoot. Here are 5 tips that I find help when preparing for a photoshoot. 

1. Practice your smile. It may sound odd, but practicing your smile before a photoshoot can help tremendously when posing in photography. By practicing your smile, you as a client are able to better visualize what you might look like in the final image. 

2. Bring the right outfit. Make sure the outfit you want to wear is ready to go the night before photoshoot. This allots enough time before the shoot to insure that if any problems arise, you can fix them. It is also a smart idea to make sure the clothes you are going to wear are clean and ironed. 

3. Bringing water is a smart idea on a photoshoot because there will be lots of walking around. 

4. An important reminder is hygiene. Make sure your fingernails  are trimmed and hair is the way you want it. It seems like such a simple thing but it can make or break a photoshoot. 

5. Try to eat something before the shoot. Becoming hungry during a photoshoot can become pretty bothersome. You become much more focused and have energy as well.

I Hope these tips help you better prepare for your next photoshoot. If you have any tips for preparing for a photoshoot, leave them down in the comment section below. 

Until next week! - Evan