Blog Post 16 - Photoshoot in a Wood Shop

This week, my friend Kevin and I were given an assignment for a photography class we are taking together. The assignment was to apply settings we had learned in class to real world situations. Obviously, the two of us decided to do portraits. We found a wood shop with a secluded upper floor accessible by a tucked away stair case. The lighting among the floor was dim but incredibly even allowing us the be very versatile with posing and composure; not having to worry about the subject being unevenly lit.

I would consider the two portraits above candids because I didn't have to pose Kevin for these. The photo on the right was taken while I was checking my settings to make sure the exposure was properly set. The photo on the left was a composure that happened on its own. As the two of use were walking through the upper level, we stumbled upon this stretch of shelving with a stool towards the end. Kevin sat down and I got some shots.

Unlike the first two photos, the composition below was staged. The log was originally in a different room, but we rolled it over to this location. The two of us love the composition of the photograph. The shadows in his jacket go well with the shadows casted throughout the room, while his khaki pants bring out the wooden surroundings of the room. All in all I would say the photoshoot was successful, let me know what you think in the moment section down below!

Until next week - Evan!