Blog Post 15 - John Supnik

This week I was given the opportunity to shoot fashion photos for my friend and Instagram star, John Supnik, a model/promoter from Lancaster PA. John contacted me asking to get photos of him in a few outfits companies had sent him. He sent me pictures of the clothes I decided that they would look best in an urban setting. We both decided to go down to Lancaster city for the shoot. Saturday rolled around and there was not a cloud in the sky. It sounds like a beautiful day but its actually one of my least favorite conditions to shoot because it causes harsh shadows due to no natural diffusion from clouds. This meant that I would have to plan out my locations accordingly and make sure there was even light coverage throughout the scene. John and I met in the city around 2:00 and began walking a route I had planned out. The first place we came to was a set of stairs in a nearby courtyard. One of the first things I noticed about John is that he’s is incredibly photogenic. Very little posing was required for this shoot, John really knew what he was doing. Following that, we went to a back alley-way with a nice brick wall. I had john pose with his foot against the wall and one hand in his pocket. It may sound odd, but hand placement of the subject is very important in a fashion photoshoot. If the hand placement is odd, the photo will look odd. Right around the corner from the wall there was a set of steep and narrow stairs in a shaded area. John and I decided to sit for a little bit. Once there, John pulled out his phone and I thought it might be a cool idea to try some candid shots of him. I ended up liking the angle, which was at a wide 24mm, but thought the phone ruined the look we were going for. instead I had john put his left hand on his knee to show off a watch that a company had given him. After a while, John asked if we could get some of him crossing the street. We found a road that wasn’t very busy and decided to try and just get candid shots of him crossing the street while the light was red. This assured that no cars would come and hit him while we were crossing. Since we were now out in the open, as opposed to in back alleyways, we did attract the attention of some passersby. This is a given when you're taking fashion photos in an urban setting, but its always an amusing reminder of how silly we actually look while doing it. We finished our journey on the top floor of our local town market. The lighting inside the building was awesome because it was covered in big windows, so lots of light got into the setting without casting harsh shadows. Right as I finished packing up, a nice women informed us that the market was actually closed and that we would have to leave. This was perfect timing for us because we had just finished up the shoot. I have two take aways from this shoot. fashion photography is a great and fun way to show off different apparel, and if you want people to come into your market while its closed, lock the doors. 

Until next week! - Evan