Blog Post 14 - Staying Inspired

No matter what style of shooting we may do, photographers are always looking for ways to stay inspired. This has remained particularly true for me this year since I’m putting out blog content weekly. This week I want to talk about inspiration since I’m always looking for new ways to stay inspired. Here are a few ways that I personally stay inspired.

1. One of the things I do is find different photos I like and try to re-create them. This is a great way to better yourself as a photographer because you are able to work through the process of a photoshoot with a reference to what the final product is supposed to look like. The method is also a good way help you learn new tricks and techniques. If I do ever end up going with this idea, I always try to mention the original photographer’s name to make ensure they are not discredited.

2.  Another way I stay inspired is by being creative. For example, the current photo series I’m working on right now is (tentatively) entitled “Out of place”. The series incorporates a mix of things that don’t go together in a single photo. This is one of my favorite ideas to do right now because it requires me to think outside of the box and come up with random and goofy designs for photos.  

3. A great way to stay inspired is by carrying a camera wherever you go. Whether its my 5D or just my Iphone, I always have a camera with me and ready to go to capture whats happening around me. You never know when you’ll see that perfect sunset or a picturesque scene, so if you always have a camera, you will never miss it.

4. The final way I like to stay inspired is by going out and exploring. By going for a walk, hike, or even bike ride around my country is usually a successful way to find something worth taking a picture of. I recommend going out with a friend and taking your camera along. If you’ve exhausted all the photographable places in your county, maybe try the next county over. I’ve always been able to get a photo of two by doing this method.

Inspiration is nesscisary to photography, without it, there wouldn’t be a purpose. I hope these tips have helped you to stay inspired. Keep shooting!

Until next week! - Evan