Blog Post 9 - Creative Design Process

I was at a loss for what to blog about this week. I was going to write about a photo taken last summer, but a friend of mine told me he refused to read such boring content and advised me to try harder and come up with a better idea. Challenge accepted, but not without a lot of planning. I was told to completely rewrite this weeks blog post at 12:15 PM on Wednesday March 9, 2016. Since my blog posts are posted on Wednesdays, this meant I had 11 hours and 45 minutes to find a photoshoot idea, complete the shoot, edit the photo and the vlog that went along with it, and write the blog post. I thought it would be a smart idea to go along this whole shoot following a Creative Design Process I found online by Tyler Brown. His process consists of eight working phases; define the problem, initial ideation, research, informed ideation, roughs, production, refinement, and solution. First off was defining the problem which was needing a photo idea. Second in the process is initial ideation. I knew I wanted to try and re-create a photo I saw online taken by Alex Kapustin. The third phase is research. I went onto Alex's website to look at the full res photo then began to think through how I would execute making the photo work. The fourth Phase is informed ideation. I had all the research needed and was ready to start the next phases of the process. Next on the list is roughs. I started by drawing out the way I wanted the final photo to look like on a sheet of paper. After that, I numbered all the gear and made a list of everything I would need in the photo. Then I made a list of the things I would need outside of the photo, such as wire and a ruler to hold the floating objects up. I came up with the idea to place all the objects out on a table in the arrangement i wanted, then traced it onto a large sheet of paper to reference later. Next was part six of the creative design process, Production. I gathered everything I needed an headed outside with my friend Carly who wanted to help with the shoot. The reason this photo was taken outside is because I have access to a solid red brick wall, which contrasts almost as well as blue would (But I didn’t have a blue wall). I got my framing then I lined the white board with the camera bag. I had Carly hold up the objects in line with their outline on the board, then removed the board and got the photo. We got a different photo for each object in the photo, with the plan to stitch the photos together later in photoshop. After the shoot is was time for step 7 of the design process, Refinement. I threw all the pictures into photoshop and got to work. I got half an hour in, then Carly and I decided to go shoot the sunset. This wasn’t the smartest use of my time, but I didn’t care because sunsets are fun to shoot. Afterwards I dropped Carly off at her house and then went to the Manheim Township High School National Honors Society Induction Ceremony to take photos. I returned home around 9:30 and went right back to editing the photo because I had set myself a goal of finishing everything by 11:59 That night. Finally I came up with the solution. I got a version of the photograph , wrote a blog post about it, and made a vlog all within 12 hours.

Until next week! - Evan