Blog Post 8 - Chickies Rock

On Sunday, January 28th, temperatures in Lancaster reached a high of 60 degrees. There was no way I could let this day go by without enjoying the warm weather, so I decided to Chickies Rock for a hike with my girlfriend Maddie. My camera was brought with me but I didn’t want the primary focus of the day to be taking photos. Instead the focus was on a fun adventure for the two of us. Maddie and I headed over to the ridge at about 1:00. After finding a primo parking spot, we took a mile hike to the top of the trail which ends on at a rock face overlooking the Susquehanna River as well as both York and Lancaster County. I was blown away for two reasons. First, a rock of this size in Lancaster county is really cool in my opinion. Second, there isn’t anything stopping you from standing on the top of the two hundred foot tall rock wall itself. We took in the sights for a while then Maddie made her way down below the lookout area and sat with her feet over the edge of a protruding rock. I pulled out my camera and began to take some pictures. Eventually, I got some good shots and joined her on the edge of the rock to enjoy the view. We would have stayed longer but a group of angsty teenagers sat themselves down about 10 feet behind us and began to talk about drugs and how much they didn’t like their parents (weird place to do this in my opinion but whatever). A little bit annoyed, we decided to go check out what else there was around the area.  After about an hour of venturing around the top of the rock and finding new and increasingly more dangerous places to sit off of, we went back to my car and headed home. Overall, I really enjoyed the day. It was fun, relaxing, and a great way to spend a Sunday. I had a great time and a great person to share it with

Until next week - Evan