Blog Post 10 - Overhead Camera Rig

Believe it or not, the idea for this weeks blog was actually came up with due to the need of an item for a shoot I’m planing this Saturday, March 19th. I want to build an overhead shooting rig for my vlogs. The shoot I’m planning on Saturday is going to require a lot of materials and since I’m vlogging it, I want to make it as easy as possible for the viewer to follow whats going on. The way I find most effective is to list the items and show them from the aerial perspective, this is where the shooting rig comes in. The basic aerial rig is about three or four feet off of a table, with a frame built around the top to adjust the camera position. Another frame is then build to elevate it off whatever surface it would be placed on. I took these basics and began to draw up sketches of how I wanted to build my rig. I like the typical top frame system that most rigs have, but felt limited if I built side frames to hold it up. I decided the best way around this would be to hang the top frame from the ceiling of my basement. Since the roof is exposed wood, I would be able to clamp the rig anywhere and have it be above whatever I wanted. If I needed wide shots, the rig could be hung over a large portion of floor, if I wanted tight shots I could hang it over a table and zoom the lens in. With the plans finalized, I went to work. My list included…

• 2 2x4 cut in 2' lengths

• 4 Clamps

• 3" screws

• Rope

• Thin sheet of metal

I made a square out of the planks of wood with pieces along the sides so that the main mounting piece wouldn’t fall out during adjustments. The mounting piece was another 2x4 that had a small incision with a camera screw in it, then metal on top to hold it into place. I made holes in all 4 corners and fed rope through them which attached to clamps. Once I was finished, I clamped the frame to the ceiling and tested it out. To my surprise it worked first try. Though not perfectly level, with a few modifications it should work out pretty well. I’m pleased with the results and look forward to seeing how much it comes in handy this Saturday.

Until Next Week! - Evan