Blog Post 5 - Trial And Error

I have learned after many years of photography that sometimes ideas for photos don't always work out. Accepting this can be difficult sometimes, but on occasion some photos just don’t work out. This was the case for me a few days ago when I went out into the snow in hopes to get a self portrait for my website. I found a really cool arch that was protruding from the bushes that lay beside it. To block from the snow, I had to put my camera in a plastic bag with a hole in the front for my lens to poke through. From the moment my camera was set up, I realized this was going to be a difficult shoot. First of all, it was hard to use the camera when it was in the bag. I couldn't move the focus ring without bumping and moving the bag. If I moved the bag, the lens would become exposed and potentially water damaged. Getting the bag back on was a pain because my hands were freezing cold, and once I would get the bag back on I would have to clean the front element of my lens because it was covered in snow and water. It became apparent right then and there that getting this photo was going to be a battle, but I stuck with it and was determined to get the shot. I tried a few different angles but wasn’t really happy with any of them. I was out for about half an hour and got around 15 pictures. during one of the photos, I started to hear a sizzling noise coming for my camera. This was terrifying because I thought the camera was done for. Luckily I found out that was not the case when it was in the safety of my warm house, but it still ended the photo session. I loaded the images onto my computer and went through them. I was pretty bummed to see that almost all of them didn’t look that great except for one. What stood out to me about the picture was the composition and framing. The reason I didn’t like it was because my facial expression was pretty weird. Because of this, I wont really be putting it anywhere other than this blog post. Accepting that you failed to get a photo as a photographer isn’t the best feeling, especially when you know that you could have gotten the shot if you would have done some things differently. When asked about all the times he had failed to make a lightbulb, Thomas Edison said "I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to compare my picture taking to the creation of the lightbulb, but he does make a great point which almost all of us could apply in our own lives; With every failure, you learn something. I learned 14 ways not to take a photo, and next time it snows, I’ll be able to go back and get the shot. 

Until next week! - Evan