Blog Post 31 - Filling the Frame

Photographs can range from a simple snapshot, to images with lots of planning and preparation. The photo in question today sits right in the middle of that scale. Start to finish, my friend James and I spend six hours working on this image.

 The idea came to me over the summer; I wanted to combine ideas from two of my favorite photos. The first photo was one of the sample images from the release of canon’s 50-megapixel camera, the 5DSR. The image showcases a frame completely filled with detail. Since the selling point for the camera was its astounding resolution, the frame was filled so you could zoom in and still see all the detail the image has to offer.

 The second image by was taken by a photographer named Jared Polin. It’s a self-portrait taken with all of Jared’s photo-prints spread throughout his loft. The idea is to get a picture of himself, as well as showcase his work. Both photo concepts fill the frame and showcase work, which is exactly what I tried to execute.

  James and I got to work building the set in my basement. We ended up taking rugs from most of the rooms in my house and all the fake plants we could find. Centered around a red chair, the photograph considered of all sorts of classical, yet clashing elements. We put records on shelves, paintings on the wall, and scattered plants throughout.

 I had two subjects for this piece, James and myself. James dressed in a suit to be classy and classic. I wore an outfit that I chose and typically would wear on a photo-shoot.

  The first photos taken were of James. Due to the large scale of the photograph and my lack of lighting equipment, we had to take the photo as a four second long exposure. This mean that my cameras sensor would be picking up light for four seconds and any motion would be picked up as blurry. Since we were capturing the photo in this style, James had to sit very still.

 Capturing the photo went smoothly and I soon took James' place as the subject of the photo, meaning he snapped the photo. When I saw the final image later on my computer, I sent James a Snapchat of the photo saying, "You sure take a mean photo".

 Following my portrait, we moved into our deconstruction phase of the afternoon. James and I moved everything back throughout my house and went about the rest of our evenings.

 Overall, I really like this photo. I think the concept for the photo is strange and was executed well, considering I really didn’t have a plan. Check out the vlog here

Until next time! - Evan