Blog Post 32 - New York City

After a very spontaneous decision, my friend Alyssa and I took a train up to New York to spend the day in manhattan and Brooklyn. 

The day started in Lancaster with an uneventful train ride over to Philadelphia, then New York. Alyssa and I had both not been in the city for a while, and since it was only a day trip, we wanted to make the most of the little time we had. 

The first thing we did in the city was visit the Museum of Modern Art. For decades, MoMA has been a great place for creatives to go and look at art from the past two hundred years to find inspiration. The architecture of the museum was beautiful. The museum is centered on an open floor, with the exhibits going around it, stacked on on top of the other. As you move up the floors, you’re able to look off of balconies down to the open area. While walking on the 4th floor, I saw a stair-way shown by a cut out in the wall across the museum. It wasn’t until Alyssa and I found ourselves on the other side of the museum when I had the idea to use it as a framing tool for a portrait. Alyssa waited in the stairwell while I made my way to the other side of the museum and shot across to get what turned out to be a pretty interesting composition. Since I was on the other side of the museum, Alyssa and I couldn’t communicate, so I wasn’t able to pose her. Luckily, she was pretty good at posing herself and I managed to get a few shots that I thought look really good. 

After about an hour and a half in the museum, we made our way over to Central Park. I've been to New York a handful of times, but this was the first time I’d been to Central Park in ten years. Central park in the fall is beautiful. The fall atmosphere and the yellow glow of the trees made for beautiful lighting. Alongside that, the feeling in the park is much different from that in the city. The city feels more congested and everyone seems to be trying to sell you something. In the park, it is much more open and the only people you really see are tourists, except for the Buddhist Monk who sold me a hand-made bracelet for two dollars. Alyssa and I spent about an hour in the park before taking a taxi down to Soho for lunch and shopping. 

I didn’t get too many photos in soho, but I did meet an awesome photographer by the name of Bryan Close. He Screen prints designs of cameras he draws onto shirts. (and of course I bought one). All the shops we went into were cool, but extremely expensive. We do like to stay fashionable, but Alyssa and I both agreed we weren’t ready to drop $500 on a pair of sunglasses, or $800 on a light-weight jacket, so we headed down to the Brooklyn Bridge.

The architecture of the bridge was excellent, but the lighting was not. So we ended up just walking across like tourists, not too focused on getting photographs.

In, Brooklyn, the two of us strolled about the parks on the west end before heading to Shake Shack for a much anticipated dinner. I'd never been to a New York Shake Shack before but I was pleased with my vanilla milkshake and hamburger. The best part the meal was our table, A small table placed right next to a window with the freedom tower framed perfectly in between. 

After our meal, we started towards Mainstream park, but happened upon a small wooded area right outside of the river cafe. The whole thing was covered with small, warm lightbulbs. The scene was almost dreamlike as we made our way across. I snapped a few pictures to capture the moment. 

Our evening in New York ended with a perfect view of the skyline. We climbed out on rocks and just looked at the beautiful skyline for about half and hour. 

For me, this was probably my favorite trip to New York. I usually don’t like the city, but I found some of the best parts of it I feel. 

Until next week! - Evan