Blog Post 28 - Pittsburgh Trip 1

Adding to the excitement of being a high school senior, I found myself in Pittsburgh this weekend. The trip had a few different points to hit, first of which was to tour Robert Morris University in Moon Township, just 30 minutes outside of the city. Alongside the tour, I would also visit my cousin and walk about the city with my parents. 

As it turned out, my friend Carly was in town for the weekend. Since she attends school in Pittsburgh, she caught a ride with us over. The trip started Sunday morning with a four-hour drive across Pennsylvania. I love long car rides, but they’re typically uneventful. 

We got into the city around 3:00PM. This was the first time I'd been to Pittsburgh in almost ten years, last time being on my 8th birthday. My first impression was that the city is more open than most. One of the reasons I possess distaste towards places like New York City and Philadelphia is because of how cramped it feels. City’s like those two are great cities, but they always feel too cramped for me personally and Pittsburgh feels more open 

Carly and I walked around the city and her college campus with my parents before we parted ways. My parents and I headed down the hilly landscape and back over to our car where we made our way downtown. We were in () and checked out some of the local shops and enjoyed an awesome Mexican food dinner with my cousin at ().

Following dinner, we drove across town to Allegheny Landing, right across from PNC Park. The plan was to take a photograph of the skyline, but 2 unexpected events took place and made the photo more challenging than I had hoped for. First of all, there was a Steelers game that night and all of the possible parking spots in the city seemed to be taken. A Minor setback, but the solution was a solo mission to the park while my parents hovered on the street side across the way.

The second issue was a chain-linked fence placed right in the middle of the park. The frames I waned to capture were either on the other side of, or obscured by a fence. Since I couldn’t get down to the river front, I chose to go up to the fence and telescope my tripod over it. In order to see my rear LCD screen, I had to stand on top of a piece of construction equipment. To make matters worse, it was slightly drizzling, so everything was wet. Luckily, I got the shot.

The evening wrapped up with a drive to the hotel and a successful college tour the next day. Check out the vlog here (

Until next week! - Evan