Blog Post 30 - 5D Mark III

In the fall of 2014, I went on a photography outing with my friends Carly and Tia. Tia and I had just met that day in our schools photography club. She shot on the 5D Mark I and I thought it was so cool because the camera had a full frame sensor. My most vivid memory of the day was viewing the back LCD screen of her camera to chimp the image she had taken of Carly and me. I really liked the image, but fell in love sensor size. For me, there was a noticeable difference between her full frame camera and my crop frame camera.

In photography, there are a few different sensor sizes. The two most common are full frame and crop frame sensors. Crop frame cameras are usually better for sports and wild life, where portrait photographers primarily use the full frame sensor. The camera I owned at the time was a crop frame camera. It was a great camera, but I wanted to get more out of it and felt limited by the sensor.

About two months after our photo outing, I took a huge leap bought my 5D Mark II because I knew that portraiture was the style of photography I wanted to peruse. Having a full frame camera has given me more flexibility with being able to work in tighter spaces. The image noise is also significantly decreased due to the larger sensor. The Mark II was great for all these reasons and many more, making it my main camera for the past 2 years. The Mark II is a great camera, but I needed another body for the kind of shoots I was doing. After much consideration, I decided to go with the 5D mark II’s successor, the 5D Mark III.

The Mark III is one of those game changer cameras. The functionality is far beyond most cameras. First of all, the mark III has more than 6x the auto focus points of the mark II. Having more auto focus points means that I’m able to have my lens focus on different parts of the frame instead of just in the middle. 

I felt that the only way to get to know the camera is to go out and shoot with it. I went out with my friend Tia to a local hiking trail and Downtown Lititz to take some portraits. After some brief testing, I found that the camera is way sharper than my mark II. First of, its auto focus is faster and more precise. Secondly, it has more auto focus points, so there’s a lot more I am able to do with composition. Finally, the larger LCD screen makes it easier to check exposure settings and image quality during a shoot.

Over all, I love the mark III and would highly recommend getting it if you’re looking into buying a full frame body.

Until next week! - Evan