Blog Post 29 - Why I Love My 70-200

Photo of Carly taken with the 70-200

You will often hear photographers say "It's not about the gear, its about the photographer". This quote explains philosophy that a photographer with experience and a "bad" camera will always be able to get better shots than a photographer with less experience using "the best of the best" camera. I do agree with this philosophy for the most part. 95% of photography is the photographer, but over the years have found some pieces of gear that I think, regardless of skillset, should be in your camera bag. 

One of these items is a 70-200mm F/2.8 lens. I bought the Tamron version of this lens about a year and a half ago and it is in my bag for almost every shoot I go on.
First of all, this lens is a portrait photographer’s best friend. I use this lens at every wedding, headshot, and senior portrait session I shoot. The lens is amazing for blowing out the background and getting sharp, shallow depth of field in portraits. The lens has a great zoom range as well. During a wedding, I’m able to get wide and tight shots from the same place, which I wouldn’t be able to get with a prime lens, such as an 85mm.

The second reason I love this lens is because it is so versatile. I use it primarily for portraits, yet have found myself using it at events, product photo shoots, sports, and even during my most recent wedding video. I don’t shoot a lot of wildlife myself but have seen breath-taking photos that were taken of animals with the 70-200mm F/2.8. 

The third and final reason why I love this lens is because of its amazing auto focus performance. Its speed, accuracy, and sharpness are unparalleled to any other lens that I own. It’s nice to have a reliable lens that I trust because I’m not always in a situation that I have control of, but I’ll never worry about how my lens will perform.
Overall, this is my favorite lens that I shoot on. It’s extremely versatile and if I’m ever in a pinch, I never have to worry about its performance. If you are looking into adding another lens to your bag, I would highly recommend a 70-200mm F/2.8.

Until next week! - Evan